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Asian and European hornets & wasps
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Asian and European Hornets & Wasps

Robert Moon Applicateur3D
Asian hornet Robert Moon Applicateur3D

We can treat nests up to a height of 30m using our specialist equipment. Nests are treated with professional products, in powder or liquid form, injected directly into the nest, minimizing the risk to non-target species.  

European hornets and wasps are much maligned insects and are responsible for eating many other insects and fruit. If it weren't for these insects, we'd have far less fruit and far more nuisence insects.


Asian hornets are an invasive species and do not belong in France so need to be eradicated. Applicateur3D work closely with the local Police Municipale and Pompiers in the Cher (18) and we offer an emergency call-out service.

It is not always possible or necessary to remove a destroyed nest. It can act as a deterrent to future would-be colonies.

As seen on TV BBC1 "The One Show" October 2015

Asian hornet Robert Moon Applicateur3D
nest Applicateur3D

Pine Processionary Caterpillars

Processionary Caterpillars

The hairs of the pine processionary cateripllar are toxic and can be ejected by the caterpillar which can cause skin necrosis. Curious children and dogs are particularly at risk. 

Treatment is very seasonal. In the spring, great tits can eat up to 500 caterpillars a day, in their rush to feed their chicks. A bird box can be an effective method of control.

Ecopièges fitted to a trunk of an infested tree can be installed between January and May. These capture the caterpillars as they descend the tree trunk. We are authorised distributors of the Ecopiège.

Pheromone traps can be installed between May and September to attract and capture the male moths



Chenille processionnaires Robert Moon Applicateur3D
Pine Processionary Caterpillar Applicateur3D
Pine Processionary Caterpillar Applicateur3D
EcoPiege  Applicateur3D
Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies

We treat using professional products, biologically or chemically, usually at points of entry, around windows, doors and loft spaces. External treatment is not recommended.

The choice of application depends on the situation, ranging from Ultra low volume fogging "ULV", pressurised spray, to powders.

We also supply fly traps and UV lamp traps.

cluster flies Applicateur3D


We treat using a professional gel for a rapid and effective knock-down. We also supply monitoring glue traps.

 cockroach Applicateur3D
Applicateur3D cafards

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are easy to treat, but difficult to find. We prefer treating with steam and diatomaceous earth (green treatment) but sometimes professional chemicals are used. 


Locating bedbugs is very time intensive, we need to find their hiding places and treat accordingly.

 bed bugs Applicateur3D


We treat fleas using professional products, usually by pressurised spraying.



We do not treat animals or supply pet products: you will need to contact your vet. 

fleas Applicateur3D
Rodents, rats and mice

Rats and Mice

We do not sell rodenticides to the public. 

There are many ways to eradicate rodents and there are many products available. We offer bespoke treatment plans depending on your infestation and moral preference.

Rodent treatment usually requires 2-3 visits. We also offer advice on methods  of prevention and regular monitoring using non toxic bait.

Black Cat trap Applicateur3D
rat mat France

In France there has been an increase in rodents chewing the electric looms and/or building nests in vehicles. The damage caused to a standard vehicle could be a couple of thousand euros, whilst an electric car, motorhome or tractor can be many thousands.  Click this link to discover the perfect solution...........



Mole catching is time intensive, we offer training and sell traps for you to control your own moles. We only use humane lethal traps.

Chemical treatment is indiscriminate, very harmful to the environment, expensive and has many legal loopholes. We chose not to persue this method.

moles Applicateur3D

Woodworm, Deathwatch beetle, Capricornes

We use professional wood treatment products which kill emerging grubs and beetles when they eat the treated wood. It also protects your wood from further infestations for up to 10 years (in ideal conditions). 

The ideal time for wood treatment is in the Springtime, when adults are emerging, mating and laying eggs.

We do not perform wood injection, as it can be unsightly and, in our opinion, offers no extra benefit to surface treatment with pressurised spray.

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