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In France there has been an increase in activity of rodents chewing the electric looms or building nests in vehicles. The damage caused to a standard vehicle could be a couple of thousand euros, whilst an electric car or a tractor can be many thousands.

RatMat works like an electric fence on the floor to protect cars, factories and supermarkets from rodent damage.  

Traditional traps and poison kill mice and rats, not everybody is happy with that, and it only needs one rodent to eat your cables before your car fails to start, or even catches fire. The RatMat gives you peace of mind whilst protecting your valuable property from rat damage.


RatMat is a barrier to rodents, with appropriate footwear, it poses no risk to humans. Drive over in a car, lorry or forklift truck but rats and mice simply will not cross it.


After installation, tests show that evidence of rodent presence stops within the perimeter. We have never had a car damaged when parked on a RatMat perimeter. Often, rats and mice will completely avoid the system. Rodents remember what causes them or their social group harm, so, once installed inside or outside, the rodents will avoid it, thus protecting your vehicle or property. 


With regard to commercial buildings, by placing the RatMat at entry points, you will negate the need for bait boxes, and probably will no longer require an annual contract.

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